Trump to name Skeel, González to Puerto Rico Oversight Board

The Puerto Rico Oversight Board announced Wednesday that Pres. Donald Trump would name David Skeel and Arthur González to serve three-year terms on the Puerto Rico Oversight Board.

The board made the announcement late Wednesday. The announcement wasn’t on the White House press site at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. Earlier in the day The El Nuevo Día news web site reported Trump would make the appointments.

Puerto Rico Oversight Board Chairman David Skeel will be reappointed to the board for a three year term.

Brian Tumulty

Skeel is currently the Chairman of the board. Trump’s plan to name him extends his term on the board.

González served on the board from its founding in September 2016 until October, when he was replaced by Justin Peterson.

This fall House Speaker Nancy Pelosi nominated González as one of three possible choices.

Also this fall Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell named Skeel as one of three possible candidates for the board.

The El Nuevo Día news web site reported that the Georgia Senate vote pushed Trump to name Skeel today.

Democrats won the two Georgia senate seats, handing control, thereby making McConnell Minority Leader.

Under the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act that would make him lose one of his choices for the board and the Democratic majority leader would make the choice instead. By Trump going ahead with the action, four of the seven board seats remain in Republican hands. While Trump didn’t announce it on the website, he has communicated it to the board.

The naming of Skeel and González completes the current round of changes to the board.

The board has seven members. When the appointments are completed, the members will be: Skeel, González, Peterson, Andrew Biggs, John Nixon, Betty Rosa, and Antonio Medina Comas. Skeel, González, and Biggs have more than four years of experience on the board. The others are new.

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